Fitness Facilities

We are pleased to launch our new Fitness facilities at Mountain View. These facilities are available to all the Mountain View Community – those employed by businesses on site and those who are members of the Mountain View Membership Scheme.

The facilities currently consist of:

Your wellbeing is a primary concern, so it is important that you understand the correct use of the equipment provided. Please read the following documents, and return your signed “Fitness & Health Facilities - Conditions of Use” acknowledgement to Lindsey or to Jonathan before using the fitness facilities.

Staff and Recreational Facilities

Recognising that teamwork, social events and company culture are vital to happiness at work we are always looking at how to add value to the wellbeing and morale of our employees and community members. We work hard to create platforms and activities where staff and members can share experiences to create a community that interacts, supports and helps one another.

The facilities currently consist of:

MVIC encourages employees and community members to invite their families to share this space at mealtimes and for family events.


With no fewer than five separate high bandwidth internet connections across two major telecommunications suppliers in addition to two 4G cellular telephone aerials on site, plus site-wide wireless internet access, connectivity is assured. Needless to say, interconnectivity throughout the estate is diversely routed.


Vehicle parking is not an issue at Mountain View – with space for over 300 vehicles on first-class roads, car-parks and large-vehicle stands. If you want to arrive by helicopter – no problem, there’s plenty of space to land!

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Mountain View hosts six 22kW charging units, four of which are available to the MVIC Community, guests, and patrons of Babbage’s Bistro whilst onsite. As we utilise energy generated by our 126kV Solar Photovoltaic Array wherever possible, by charging your car at Mountain View you can say, at least in part, to be “Powered by the Sun at Mountain View”.


Mountain View is one of the greenest working spaces in the world. Our 126kV Solar Photovoltaic Array can generate over 650 kWH of power each day – well beyond our actual usage. Even if the clouds roll-in, lots of power is still generated and with the installation of a Tesla Power Pack system, any additional energy which is generated can now be stored to top up demand.

The Tesla Power Pack provides an incredibly stable power base and ensures that overnight and on really dull days, power provision is well secured. With two separate connections to the Manx National Grid, linked to the on-site sub-station and transformer gear, we are able to charge the battery system overnight when power demands on the Manx National grid are lower, as well as keeping the connection for a disaster recovery situation. We also retain our three-phase 128 kW self-start emergency generator which has enough fuel to run for a week and provides a further contingency for our power supply through a dedicated control room – with separate feeds to the data centre. With the continued adoption of renewable energy, power storage and optimisation facilities Mountain View can truly boast being one of the most resilient sites globally.


Our high-capacity water supply comes via its own direct main from the main distribution network – and our modern Bio-Disk sewage system ensures proper treatment of wastes before they’re released harmlessly into the environment.