Grow Your Business

There has never been a better time to be an innovator – software, bio-medical technologies and media opportunities are now well within the scope of almost everyone. Every day, new inventions disrupt the status quo – and lots of people are trying to develop the “Next Big Thing”!

But turning that good idea into a successful business requires more than a good idea! So many businesses fail not through a fault in the basic business idea – but through the impact of financial, legal or commercial issues nothing to do with the basic business.

At Mountain View, you have access to well-established expertise and mentoring in intellectual property protection, investment and business planning, financial management, pragmatic commerciality and plain old common-sense.

Join us at Mountain View

If you’re an innovator there’s a place for you at Mountain View - join as a member, rent a desk, a room, or move your whole operation to the site: or just call in for a coffee and a chat. With an emphasis on flexibility and creativity, we’re all about nurturing innovation. Now everyone can be part of our community - which stimulates and supports personal enterprise and helps turn good ideas into successful enterprises!

Our fully serviced facilities come with reasonable power and broadband connectivity included, free parking and use of shared facilities such as toilets and kitchens with use of additional facilities such as meeting rooms available at discounted rates.

You can even just bring your PC, plug in and go – from as little as £35 per month

For some options, there’s no minimum term - and our concise contracts are clear and simple.

Mountain View Membership Offers You:

Membership Tiers

Personal Membership

Ideal if you want to be part of Mountain View on an informal basis and come-and-go for up to 20 hours per week.

Only £35 per month plus VAT

Business Membership

Make Mountain View your Prestigious Business Address, with mail-handling, business listing and access to meeting rooms & conference spaces for up to 25 hours per week

Only £50 per Month plus VAT