Art at Mountain View

James Sutton - Ask Seek Knock



Inspired by Matthew 7:7-12, Ask, Seek, Knock was commissioned to represent the continuous and active relationship with God. Created from stainless steel, Ask, Seek, Knock carves an impressive figure on the Mountain View landscape and continually presents itself in different lights as the elements find their way through the deliberate spaces in this imposing yet subtle sculpture.


Below is a reel of images showing the design and building process of the sculpture.

James works in stone, metal and bronze from his studio on Hall farm in Gainsborough. He produces work to commission and exhibits throughout the uk creating small personal works and Public Art.

James grew up in Manchester in a Christian home and from a young age had a passion for art and creativity. After graduating from studying Art at the University of Lincoln and getting married in 2005, James and his wife Helen setteled in Lincoln and started a family. Thanks to their support James has worked full time as a sculptor ever since. In 2010 he set up his current studio The Sculpture Barn on Hall Farm in Harpswell, Gainsbrough. Over the past 16+ years his work has taken many directions but always inspired by his love of nature and the emotions it evokes. His work can be both figurative and abstract. Currently James works mostly to commission, creating personal works for a wide range of clients from private homes and gardens to large pieces of public art for businesses and councils. He also exhibits at galleries and sculpture shows and sells his work through his website shop.


You can find out more about James and his work by visiting his website or following him on social media.